Saturday, February 23, 2008

New Rendition

So at the playground today some kids were trying to gather a group to play toilet tag. I was curious to see what that meant. Well it is freeze tag, only when you get frozen you have to be "flushed" with the arm you are holding out to be unfroze. haha! good times!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Brandon and Me

I've been tagged!

What is your husbands full name? Brandon Tyler Sanders

How long have you been married? 3 years

Who eats more sweets? me

Who said I love you first? me, but Brandon thinks he did

How old is he? 25

Who is taller? Brandon

Who is smarter? I am pretty sure Brandon is

Who can sing better? I enjoy it more but I am not saying I am better

Who does the laundry? me

Who pays the bills? both of us, I guess it depends on who is feeling like watching all of our money disappear

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? It depends on what house we were living in and how I have the room arranged(it changes often), I just pick the side I want(usually closest to the door) and put Brandon on the other.

Who mows the lawn? I hope the day comes soon that we have a lawn

Who cooks dinner? Me, and Brandon when he is home(almost never) or has something in mind

Who drives? Always Brandon when we are together

Who is more stubborn? probably me

Who kissed who first? Brandon kissed me

Who asked who out? Brandon wanted to date me and I told him no thanks and then when I decided I wanted to I had to ask him

Who has more siblings? me

Who wears the pants? it depends who has a stranger opinion on the matter

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's

I was trying to make valentine cookies with Allie and Tyler yesterday morning but I could not find the right sugar cookie recipe. That one is so good I did not want to try another one. I finally found it and Allie had gone to a friends and Tyler was sleeping. So I made cookies by myself. I went to pick up Allie and we took the cookies to Brandon when we went to meet him for lunch. That was a rare treat. We meet by the sheep on campus only it was SOOOO windy(and they were having a class) that we weren't able to get out and look at them for very long. Allie and Tyler were upset. I don' have any pictures since I made the cookies myself and Brandon and I did not give anything to Allie and Tyler. We figured they don't know what is going on.

For the evening I mades plans to take the kids to a girl in our ward. She was willing to watch them at her house so that I could surprise Brandon with dinner. Well he was surprised and there was no dinner. My afternoon got a little crazy because Tyler and Allie were not wanting to take a nap. I was going to make orange chicken(a copycat recipe from Panda Express, so good!) and we had only made it one other time and it is kind of a lot of work. Anyway, Brandon got to help me make dinner instead. It was still so worth it. I recommend it. It was so fun to be able to talk about our days without any other things going on. Allie and Tyler are usually just as excited to see him as I am only they throw bigger fits than I do so I get left out. So we made dinner and ate. And I still find it interesting(though I have always felt this way and just not made it happen) how much difference a date night makes in your week. I love to hang out with Brandon. It is like when you are in high school and you are looking forward to hanging out with your best friend over the weekend. I am not very good with my words but I really love the way it makes me feel.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


It is so fun to watch Allie and Tyler together. For the most part Allie loves to take care of him. If I have ever say anything about him hurting she instantly walks over to give him a kiss where ever it is needed. Also, when one or the other wakes up Allie HAS to give Tyler a hug. It is part of her day. So Tyler has been standing since around Christmas time. He can bounce, dance and clap all while standing perfectly balanced yet he refuses to take a step. Yesterday we were coming home from the playground and I had the idea to hold one of Tyler's hands and have Allie hold the other one. We walked home from the playground that way and Tyler LOVED it! So last night Tyler starting taking steps in between Brandon and me. He was so proud of himself. We got the camera too late and he was worn out but hopefully we will catch it next time. So today while we were walking home from the playground I had Allie take Tyler's hand again and every time she would let go he would reach for her hand and not continue walking until they were holding hands. He was laughing almost the whole way home. He learned that because she kept letting go to hold tight. She could not get him to let go once we got in the door. I had to pry his hand off of hers. I just love watching Tyler reach to hold Allie's hand. I think it is precious.(he could care less that I was holding the other hand, as long as he had Allie's)

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Christmas is not over at our house. Allie came in the kitchen while I was making dinner and "hey yook mom, I posty(frosty)!" She had a scoop from a can of formula in her mouth like it was her pipe. haha I am not sure if that was good or bad. I am not sure what the bottle on her arm has to do with but that was part of the frosty costume.

Oh and the cars shirt was given to us by someone and I have rarely been able to get her to take it off since. The funny thing to me is that Luigi is her favorite. She gets a big grin every time he comes on the screen. I am embarressed that she loves it that much but when you are sick for 5 days and all you do is lay on the couch watching cars, I guess that is what happens.

Broken Laptop

Well I had some really great pictures to post except our laptop is not working and they are on there. Luckily we had a backup so I can at least still get on the computer. Anyway, we had fun in AZ. We were all tired of it though, too much here and there. Allie kept asking when we were going home. haha That was so hard to have Brandon gone that long. We were all ready for it to be over. I don't know how my mom did that for so many years with my dad traveling and 8 kids. CRAZY! I think I am a bigger whiner than my mom. Anyway, that was fun and now it has been like Brandon is basically gone because he has been trying to catch up in all of his classes. We see him for a couple of hours every day. Oh yeah, that just reminded me that Tyler started fevering exactly like Allie had 3weeks ago. Luckily I already had stuff from the health food store to use that were from Allie. He only fevered 3 days rather than 5. Thankfully because he whines way more than Allie. I just had to hold him for 3 days. Hopefully after this week things will get back to normal.

The only way we made it through the last 30min of our trip was with fudge dipped granola bars. Tyler was having the time of his life. I think he was pretty happy that that was the only thing I could come up with. Chocolate was EVERYWHERE! Days later every time I would pull him out of his carseat granola bar would come with him.