Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I had to share this because I got a good laugh. Meeker Sanitations float. We're #1 and #2! haha
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More July 4th

Allie insisted on wearing these boots that are oh, 5 sizes TOO big!

The parade

Allie would run out to get the candy and Tyler would eat it.

Yep, Brandon and I are the only ones looking!
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Happy fourth of July!

I am just realizing that I did not post any of our fourth of July pictures. We had SO much fun!! Meeker goes all out for the celebration. The parade was long and they threw tons of candy. They had events going on all day and the rodeo at night. And a big concert every year. This year was Tracy Lawrence. We got a baby-sitter and went on our own. Big deal for us, we are so lazy about getting baby-sitters. I loved the concert! Not that I am a huge fan or anything but the whole set up was just like a concert in the park. No assigned seating, everybody taking their turn at the front. It was great! And even better, the tickets for all events the whole weekend were just $35 a person. 3 rodeos and a concert and more. You are all invited to come next year. Allie was so precious, she would light up and get all excited when they would play the national anthem and the flag would run out around the arena. I think she got her excitement from me. That is really one of my favorite parts of the rodeo. I am proud to be an american.

I don't know what it is about my 3 kids but I can NEVER get them ALL looking at the camera. I thought these were funny to share because we tried SO many times!!

cowboy up!

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