Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Somebody had given me this great skirt in a bag of hand-me-down clothes and I thought, what a perfect Halloween costume. The best is the back where the ruffle gathers up in the center and has a BIG white bow. Allie had a great time being a cowgirl. She was so proud of her boots. They are about 3 sizes too big. When I got that skirt and saw that it was an easy Halloween costume I was trying to think of something easy to go along with it for Tyler. I am all for the simple and no cost. So I thought we will do him as an Indian. Luckily, it was still a few weeks before Halloween that I realized Brandon practically grew up on the the Indian Reservation and an Indian is not something you really dress up as. haha We had a good laugh about that. Anyway, I am grateful for this batman mask that I have in my dress up box. I remembered Tyler loves it and constantly asks me to put it on. Only he growls at you once he is wearing it. I don't think he realizes Batman is a "good guy" Thanks to my friend who had a cape and belt, I just bought some new underwear(that Allie can use) and the iron on transfer paper. He thought he was SOOOO cool! He walked around the house saying "batman" all night. I just wish you could all hear the voice he uses. It was so great!

I got Allie a hat at the dollar store and thought I should get Tyler one while I am here and they are only a dollar. He soon wanted to only wear the cowboy hat. It has been a great investment. Every time he puts it on he thinks he needs to go ride his horse(a bouncing horse that my grandma had from when I was little) and he will spend a good 15 to 20 min riding.

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Picking and carving pumpkins

You can tell Allie wasn't so sure about touching the "guts" and we never could get Tyler to.

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A few pictures

After many sleepless nights with Tyler teething we finally learned that the only thing to keep him from crying in the middle of the night is football. Not a popsicle, not ice cream, not anything. He will accept other sports but football is by far his favorite. He now asks almost every day to watch it on TV and this is one of the times we agreed. It was quite funny because Tyler had taken Allie's chair and Brandon and I told her that she should not be worried about "that" chair because they are all the same. A few seconds later Brandon said to Allie "Allie, I can't see." She turned to him with her hands on her hips and said "well, your just going to have to deal with it!" I just busted up laughing. She was obviously a little put out that we did not care to help her get her chair back because this was completly out of character for her.

Tyler brought this out from the playroom and told me "bye!" He walked over to the door and told me "daddy, backpack." So this is his backpack and he is taking it to school like his daddy.

Allie had to barrow some underwear from her friend and Tyler has just discovered that the underwear have tractors on them. He would yell at her every time she moved and he couldn't see the tractors anymore.

This does not look comfortable.
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Part 2 of September Birthdays

I was too tired to post the other day with Brandon's birthday so here are Allie's birthday pictures. If you ask her she is 3 "more" old. It is very cute!

We started out early. At Brandon's house they got to open presents at breakfast. So we did a few presents at breakfast. This is her opening her package from g and g Haynie. She saw the card and her eyes lit up as she said "It's perfect!" It is an Ariel card. Then she opened it and was so stunned she closed it. The card started singing "under the sea," she was NOT expecting that.
She wanted spray whip cream for breakfast with some waffles on the side.

Allie is telling us to be quiet so her baby can sleep in her new crib. A little project I gave Brandon for her birthday. I think he is hoping I will run out of ideas of things I want him to make.

The Party! My friend Cody helped me with the cake. She had made one for her son over the summer and Allie saw the picture and requested a caterpillar cake for her birthday. Cody did almost all of it. She did a great job!! Allie LOVED it!

Tyler is using the biggest spoon we have to eat his ice cream and loving it!

We saved the Mr Potato Head for that night. She had played with one at our reunion over the summer and loved it. Brandon and I were probably more excited to give it to her than she was to receive it. Her reaction was great! As soon as she saw it she yelled. "It's a Mr Potato Head!"

You can see she was pretty proud. She had a GREAT day! It was so fun to spoil her the whole day. She had quite a few people call her and she loved the attention. When I would call her to come to the phone she would say, "Ok mom, I am coming" as though she was very important and was ready to take another phone call.