Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our two trips to San Diego in 2011

So believe it or not it has been another year and I am barely posting. Oooops!! So you will love the only reason I am posting is because Shutterfly asked if I wanted to share my book I just finished on a blog and I thought, hey I mind as well since I just spent over 24hrs working on it. Quick way to update and I could get two things done at once. yeah!!

Anyway, we were able to go to San Diego with Brandon's family last June and Sea World had a special to upgrade your tickets to a Annual Pass(exp in Dec) for FREE! Who doesn't love free? So we upgraded and planned to go at least 2 more times:) I should say I planned to go at least 2 more times. Brandon, the logical one, said we can only go once more in the next 6 months. OK so he was right. We had a great time both times and even better the second time Tara had moved back to CA. So we were privileged to stay with her in November when we went. Hope you enjoy!

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