Thursday, January 8, 2009

Merry Christmas!

This is late but I was waiting until I could get a picture with the whole family. Thanks to Becca, we were able to pull it off. (barely) We went on just about the coldest day Las Cruces has seen. There was snow all over the tops of the white sand hills. We almost didn't get into the park because of the icy roads inside the park. Tyler was crying in all the pictures except this one because he had fallen asleep on the way over and was not quite ready to wake up. Poor Trent was screaming as well because it was SO cold out there and the wind was blowing. At least we got our family picture at white sands before we moved. We had been wanting to do this since we moved to Las Cruces only we didn't feel like we could drag anyone(besides family) 45 min to take our picture. So it is not the perfect picture but it is better than none at all.

We wish everyone a late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We have been so blessed this year! I have read many letters from other friends and family that all say the same thing. It is amazing how the Lord takes care of ALL of us. I know He loves us.

Well, I better get back to packing since I only have 3 days left and my house looks like I haven't even started. We love you all!