Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Just some good times!

Tyler with is gloves and hat. He insisted on wearing them. This is Trent's hat from the hospital.

I guess he had an idea in mind because then he started playing football. His helmet and gloves.

Tyler saw Brandon having fun with the neckless and decided to join him. Sunday afternoons always seem to bring out the best in us. Sitting around all afternoon together.

Trent is so big!! I realized that I have not really posted anything about him since he started rolling over. He has not stopped since then. He is trying to catch up to Allie and Tyler. Not too long after he started rolling, he was "crawling" getting himself anywhere he wanted to go. Soon after that he started real crawling only to move right on to pulling himself up on things. All of this in a short 6 and 1/2 months. He is 7 and 1/2 months now and continues to get better at moving around and getting into things. I ALREADY have to make sure my bathroom door is closed. I found him standing up holding the toilet the other day. Way too soon to be worrying about that. He is so fun! I call him the life of the party. He wants to be anywhere and everywhere Allie and Tyler are. He just sits and laughs as he watches them play. When we put the kids to bed sometimes Trent is not quite ready yet because of a late nap but he wants to be in there playing with them. We say good night, close the door, set Trent down to play and the next thing we know we hear laughing in the bedroom. He crawls in there and stands at the edge of Tyler's bed(picture) and just laughs. So stinkin' cute but hard to get Allie and Tyler to go to sleep when he keeps on crawling in there. Allie can get him to laugh SO hard! I don't know why it is that kids have the magic touch with babies. Allie is more funny to him than any of the rest of us. Trent also LOVES food. When he sees it and he is ready to eat he screams for it and gets all crazy. He wants a bite of whatever it is that you have. We have been having so much fun! We mostly play and then work a little.
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Tiny Tumblers

This class was at our Rec Center and we had so much fun. I left Trent with friends and went with Allie and Tyler. It was fun to do something with the two of them. Allie ate it up. She followed all the directions and took learning it all very seriously.

Allie on the balance beam

Allie's log rolls

Tyler's embarrassed face doing the balance beam

This is the "mailbox", everyone's favorite part of the obstacle course. Tyler's too! He would skip everything and go straight to the mailbox every time.
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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Clean House

So these are the pictures I was trying to post when I was not allowed any more pictures. I figured out that it is linked to my picasa albums and I had a bunch of videos on there for my mom and dad. So I deleted some of those and we are good to go. Brandon was so embarrassed that I posted those pictures of our dirty house. He thought our house looked nicer before we moved in because at least it was clean. So the next day, ironically, I had the entire upstairs clean at the same time and I so I was going to take new pictures to post. Something and happened and before I knew it I was already making a PB&J for somebody and the kitchen was dirty again. So I cleaned up that mess and instantly took pictures. So here is the clean house. And for any of you that know me, my living room has already be re-arranged twice since this picture. But oh well.

Dinner talk

Brandon thinks this is gross and I think it is funny so I am posting about it.

Tyler is done eating dinner and playing. Allie and I are still eating. He announces that he is "pooping for a while, mom." I say ok just like every other time he tells me. He feels that I always need to be informed. Since he is always telling me I have been trying to talk him into going to the toilet but he refuses!

Allie says a few minutes later, "Mom, that would be so easy to just poop in a diaper." What?
"ya mom, you wouldn't even have to go into the bathroom you could just poop."

It was so funny the tone of voice and look on her face like why has nobody thought of this great idea that I just thought of.