Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So you thought I'd never write again

Well I had big plans of doing a really fun post on March 1st to mark the one year post of not blogging. Pretty impressive to not blog for one whole year. My week got busy(as the rest of my life has) and the post never happened but I really am going to try to blog again. Adding pictures to facebook is just so much easier because I don't have to write anything. I am a terrible writer.

So I was just going to pick a few highlights from the last 12 months and then move on to what is happening now.

Tyler turned 3 ~ I took Brandon skiing for the first time. ~ Went to Miley's(niece) baby blessing in Cedar City.
Found out that I was pregnant. ~ Went to Cedar again so Brandon could go to the Grand Canyon with my Dad. ~ Put on the Pinewood Derby. ~ I picked up Becca in Grand Junction and we went to Cedar again to play. ~ When I came home we painted and installed cabinets we bought from Habitat for Humanity.
We were able to take our family to the open house of the Gila Valley Temple. What a treasured experience!! We were still getting snow so Arizona was a nice break. ~ My mom and dad came to help us lay ALL the tile in our downstairs. ~ Allie had her first dance recital and was cute as ever! ~ I traveled to Boise to attend of funeral.
Had a ward Luau. ~ Bought a slip n slide(I loved it way more than the kids, the water just comes out ice cold in Colorado).
Our first campout of the summer! The kids had so much fun! ~ Went swimming in the ditch. ~ And of course went to all the rodeos!! ~ We went to 4th of July parades and Carnivals. ~ Haynie family Reunion at Brian Head and the Pratt Family Reunion. ~ Brandon's Dad and nephew Blake came to help us rebuild our outside stairs. ~ Star, Kendra and Saryn came to play and paint the new stairs. And we visited Rifle Gap waterfalls. ~ Alema's Eagle project of painting at the school that took WAY more hours than expected. My sisters helped with that too.
Me and the kids drove with my Mom to Arkansas to visit Tara. ~ We went on our second and last(sad) campout of the summer. Tyler caught his first fish!!! ~ Allie started Preschool at the public school so it felt like she was starting Kindergarten. She goes four days a week. ~ Built a sandbox for the kids. ~ FINALLY got carpet and we moved to our real room downstairs.
Had a friend rip out the asphalt driveway. ~ Brandon turned 28 and Allie turned 5. ~ Helaman and Maija came to help us re-do the kids room downstairs. We had to close in a door and put in a bigger window. And insulate the back wall of our house so we could be warm this winter. It worked!! ~ Painted kids room and moved them back in.
For Brandon's birthday we took a trip to NY to visit his mission and to see my sister in NJ and visit NYC. A MUCH needed vacation without kids. We loved it! My mom and dad kept the kids. Went to Cedar to pick up the kids ~ Our first snow and the kids had a blast sledding and playing in it. ~ Finished the deck project we started with Brandon's dad back in July. ~ Planted grass and built a rock path to our front door. ~ Had gravel delivered for our driveway. YEAH!! No mud this winter, well much less than before.
Brianna came to help me get organized!! What a blessing that was! ~ Brandon shot a bull elk. ~ The kids went hunting with Brandon and friends. They lasted the whole day! ~ Thanksgiving in Ft Thomas and attended Grandma Sanders Funeral. I love hearing all the stories at funerals. She was so neat!
Cut down our Christmas tree in a blizzard. Good thing because Kate was born three days later on December 13th. I was a 9 when I got to the hospital that was an hour from our house. ~ Trent turned to 2. ~ Brandon and I have been married for 6 years.
Coldest temps I have ever experienced! ~ Ice fishing derby. ~ Ward temple trip to Vernal.
Alema's Eagle Court of Honor. ~ Finally finished the Mud Room! We have been working on this since last June. ~ Kendra, Star and Brianna came to visit. And of course they painted for us. All the molding downstairs and my kitchen cabinets. Brandon had to fix and build a few doors but it is all done. No more missing/broken doors and they all match!
Had Kate's baby blessing with 32 people in attendance. SO much fun! We of course had to make Helaman work while he was here. Him and Brandon re-wired and hung new lights in the kitchen! Love them! The kitchen was SO dark!! ~ Our cousins came from AZ to see us for the first time since we moved to CO. ~ Tyler just turned 4. ~ Brandon and I the past couple of days have been laying tile in the kitchen. So we are without stove, sink and dishwasher. It is looking so good though. Good thing we kept the laundry tub because that is where I have been doing my dishes.

WOW!! Really sorry this got SO long!! I was just going to pick a couple of things from each month. As it turns out there were SO many things going on every month that I could not choose between all of them. Love you all and I will post some pictures soon.