Wednesday, February 25, 2009


We got to visit my family over the long weekend. It was SOOOOO fun! I am so excited to be living SO close(7hrs)! That is the closest I have lived since I got married. And we already get to see them again this next weekend and the next weekend. good times!

Allie is so fun to watch play with my dad. Most of you know my dads sillyness. Allie takes him completely serious. Especially if you call her ANYTHING besides Allie. She only has one name and it is Allie and nothing else.

Tyler had FUN wrestling Parker. It is a good thing Trent is already twice the size that Tyler was when Tyler was his age. He is going to need to grow quickly because Tyler is just dying for someone to wrestle with him.

Trent is so fun and is getting over his sensitive stomach. He is getting used to the fact that I am not very good at eliminating foods from my diet and he is starting to tolerate almost everything I eat. As long as I don't over do it on the sugar. He talks and smiles so much. He will sleep 6 or so hours at time, I just haven't figured out yet how to get him sleeping for that long while I am already asleep. But we are almost there.

I do have to showcase a picture by Allie. She refuses to draw. Every time I ask her she says "I don't know how." I tell her "It does not have to be perfect just how you think it is, like draw a circle for a head." Very upset she answers back, "Yes, it does have to be perfect!!" Which is why I am so proud of this picture. This is the craft we did after story time at the library and she did this all on her own. She came to show me that she had drawn a sky and flowers and apples on her tree. Yeah!! Hopefully this will inspire her that she can draw and it does not have to look EXACTLY right.

Ok so now I have taken so long to finish this post that it is a little out dated but oh well.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh Allie

So we had the missionaries over the other night to give a lesson and Allie was not wanting to sit down. We gave her the choice of bed or sit down and listen. She reluctantly decided to listen. We started to say a prayer and Allie started climbing over the top of Brandon. He was saying the prayer so I grabbed her and pulled her back towards me. She was upset that I pulled on her and she turned to me and said, "mom, you are ruining my life!" It was all I could do to not bust up laughing during the middle of the prayer. We all got a good kick out of it after the prayer was over.

Allie talking to Kendra this past weekend.

"Allie, what happened?"

"Someone broke my heart!"

"Who broke your heart?"

"Tyler did."

I wasn't there but I guess Tyler had fallen on her and she felt like he broke her heart.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Some photos of the last couple of months

Well most of our snow melted so we decided to make ice cream, I think allie decided that the ice cream tasted a little better than snow

Tyler concurs

Trent's new best friend. Trent likes to have long conversations with Mr. Tiger who apparrently is very funny.

snow anyone?

Allie and Tyler loved building (and hugging) the snowman. Allie made one of the three main snowman body parts all by herself, can you guess which one?

This was a great day to build a snowman because it was the first warmer day since the last snow so you had the snow but the temperature was nice outside.

Allie was very proud of her "spice tower". (Most of her toys were still in boxes)

Tyler thought he wanted to wear a dress until he put it on and than he came to his senses and cried until it was off of him. good boy.

This is our hotel that we stayed at in downtown Denver. It had valet parking which we were unaware of until we pulled in with our van that was a disaster from the move. pretty embarrassing.

Their first colorado snow angels

This was a sunday afternoon photoshoot featuring Trent and Tyler sporting matching pajamas supplied by Becca

Trent was very intrigued by the camera on our way home from Denver, he made some very funny faces. We are finding out that Trent is a very smiley baby

We jumped off of the picinic table into this large pile of leaves in Ft. Thomas. Some of us chickened out about going head first.

Allie, Tlyler and their cousins Talon and Kenton had a blast throwing leaves up in the air over and over and over....This picture is so cool because we were able to catch the leaves while they were still in the air.

Monday, February 9, 2009

I am NEVER going to be able to catch up!

Well, mostly Kendra keeps bugging me about updating the blog and I like to think that some of you others are wanting an update as well. WOW!!! I never knew life could get as crazy as it did. Brandon and I were discussing events after we got to Meeker and this is pretty much how it went.

December 5th- NRCS calls to tell us that they want us in Meeker the beginning of January. (Luckily, Brandon thinks things through and says not until the middle of January because I was having a baby. I was so excited I wanted to leave right then.)

The next week- This was finals week. All the while trying to find a place to live in Meeker, which is nearly impossible. Because of the oil and gas companies they don't have a lot and what there is is VERY expensive.

December 13th- Brandon's graduation and we had Brandon's parents and brother with his wife come over for the day.

December 16th- My mom arrives. She drive down the new van we bought from my dad.

December 17th- At 2:30am I decide that I am in labor but don't want to go to the hospital until the very last second. Then at 5:30 decide that I am done waiting for things to progress and I just want to get to the hospital and have a baby. Later that day we have Trent and he takes a LONG(compared to my previous labors) time getting here because he is posterior, which can make labor go slower.

December 18th- Come home from the hospital.

December 19th- My mom drives to Albuquerque to fly home.

December 20th- Go to El Paso to pick up Becca (my sister) and to see some friends who are visiting from Houston. They used to be at NMSU with us and in our ward.

December 23rd- Brandon's parents and sister came to see Trent.

December 25th- Christmas!

December 26th- El Paso Zoo

December 27th- White Sands National Park

December 28th- Take Becca to El Paso to fly home.

December 31st- Get to have our friends that we saw the previous week in El Paso actually stay with us so we can visit more. We miss them SO much! And it is our anniversary. We all went to dinner.

January 1st- Good thing our friends were still staying with us because they helped us get started packing and find boxes. That was needed help.

January 2nd- We left to visit Brandon's family in Ft Thomas for the weekend. And Brandon, Trent and I went onto Phoenix with Brandon's sister to take her to a Suns game. We had her name for Christmas.

January 4th- Came home from Ft Thomas.

January 5th- Brandon went to work and tried to fix our broken truck while I packed.

January 7th- Found out the truck was still broken after Brandon had missed work and helping pack to fix it. And it will cost an additional $800 to the $200 Brandon had already spent.

January 9th- I had to go to a final dentist appointment because he was in the middle of fixing one of my teeth and it had to be done before I moved. This dentist was famous for keeping me there for 3 hours at a time. Luckily this time I had Trent for a reason that I had to be out of there to get home to feed my baby. It only took half the time it usually did.

January 10th- Pick up U-Haul trailers and we started loading them. In between trying to visit with all our friends one last time before we moved. We found out so fast and it was during the holidays that we had too many people to see with no time.

January 11th- Brandon's brother and wife come to help us finish loading up and drive our trailers to CO. We BARELY fit everything! We had to hold stuff back as we closed the trailer doors, plus we had the van packed up to the middle seat to where you could not even see out, plus the back of our truck and the seat of our truck, plus Austin's truck(in the bed and in the cab). Thank you to them and all of the people in our ward and other friends who watched our kids and helped pack. We would NEVER have been able to do all of this without them.

January 12th- We drove to Farmington to try to get us about half way to Meeker.

January 13th- We drove into Meeker at about 6:30pm and unloaded. I called the bishop here for some help and it was a good thing because we would have all gone to bed hungry. With their help it took us until almost 8pm and you could not see any of the floors in our house. I did not know how we were going to fit it all. We got ourselves together and left for dinner. All to find that nothing in Meeker was open anymore. Gas stations, the one fast food place-Pizza Hut, the steakhouse, the ma and pa hamburger place, all of them closed. We were all so hungry, luckily we found a little Italian restaurant that was open until 9pm and it was about 8:30.

January 14th- Brandon woke up to find that our shower was broken when he went to get in. It won't switch from a bath to a shower. He tries for about 30min to get the spicket up and finally showers with a trickle and water still coming from the faucet below. We had to take out trailers to Rifle(about 45min south) and get groceries. And talk to Altell because we had no phone service. I did not even know our physical address because it is not on our townhouse. I had to call Brianna and Kendra(sisters) while I was in Rifle and just tell them that it is on 12th St on the right, look for our cars.

January 15th- We tried to get things set up for Brianna and Kendra so we could leave to Denver. Brianna and Kendra got here around 10am. They found our cars and luckily Brandon was outside when they pulled up and they did not have to knock on all the doors. We left for Denver in the afternoon and made it in time for me to take a real shower at our hotel and then head to the Suns game.

I will stop there even though there is way more to add. Brandon is a way better writer and so I will leave the rest up to him. I just wanted to get the little things written down for myself to remember. This all happened in just a little more than one month. That is why I was feeling crazy busy. I have pictures to add as well. I will do that later.