Sunday, March 30, 2008


So yesterday we went hiking and on our way to the mountains we passed by some cow corrals. Tyler was asleep and Allie thought that she needed to wake him up. So to distract her from waking him up I said, "Allie, look at the cows." We kept pointing out which direction they were and telling her to look. I looked back to see if she was looking the right way and there is Tyler wide awake, leaning over Allie as far as his carseat straps will let him desperately looking for the cows. He must have heard the word in his sleep and knew he could not miss out on cows. He has been this way from the day he was born. LOVES animals and goes crazy every time we see them. It was cute! So then we thought lets try to get him to say mooo. After a lot of coaching and Allie's help he finally did it. Except he does with his lips pursed together so it sounds like a humming or spitting cow. We were trying to make him laugh while we were taking pictures and so we were all mooing. Tyler joined us.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Can't read the story

Sorry it took me SOOOO long to even figure out how to get this drawing, I spent forever on, to post and now you can't read the story. Oh well!

I am also realizing that I never said he was on his bike. I wasn't going to tell the whole story on the picture I drew but it ended up that way and I probably left out lots of other details as well.

The red is curb and raised above the sidewalk Brandon was on. The sidewalk slants down into the curb because it starts to ramp as it turns 90 degrees right and then 90 degrees left. The street light went out (this is at 5:30am and it is pitch black still) to recharge right before he got to the intersection so he could not see that he was heading straight for curb and sidewalk until he was almost flying. He landed about mid intersection. I bought him a helmet because I found out it is illegal to not have one in New Mexico and he won’t wear it. He said as he was flying one of the things he thought of was that he needed to keep his head up so that it would not hit the ground. Yah, maybe he will wear it now. He got himself up and realized that he could not really move his arm. He tried calling me about 15 times before I called him back. While he was waiting a Mexican came out of his house that was on the corner and Brandon tried asking for help only he kept saying “no speak english.” Hahaha Oh Las Cruces! Anyway, we were all still sound asleep and my phone was ringing in my dream. I woke the kids up and we went to get him and we came home. Brandon wasn’t thinking that he needed to go to the ER. He finally agreed and we dropped Allie and Tyler off at a friends and went. We were there for SOOO many hours and are grateful that it is not worse than what it is. He has a fractured clavicle and a type II shoulder separation. When the nurse and I took Brandons shirt off we thought his arm was falling off. They were talking about IV’s and popping it in place and all sorts of things that were scaring Brandon. He HATES needles. He did end up with a tetanus shot. And he said it didn’t even hurt. I tried to tell him that IV’s really aren’t that bad. So we are happy with what it is but wish there was nothing. I now have a 4th person to get up and get dressed in the morning. He is really trying to do everything on his own but there are A LOT of things you just can’t do with one arm. Especially when you even move the one it sends sharp pains. If anyone cares this site explains it well.

Spring "break"!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Little Ceasars!

You know you live right across the street from Little Caesars $5 pizza when Allie says in her prayers at night "thank you for pizza." haha I love to listen to little kids pray when everything is so simple and they know exactly what they are grateful for. She has been very grateful for many things lately. She is always telling me "oh, thank you so much mom!" One of the times is when I was cleaning up all the toys and another when we had just gotten a bunch of books from the library. Love her! It is scary how much they are learning ALL the time. I find her saying things to Tyler that I know she has heard before. I find that I am more patient will Allie than Tyler because it seems that Tyler just walks around trying to cause trouble where Allie really just tries to do what is right. Anyway, I was grateful when I heard her say to Tyler, "no, thanks Tyler" as she is taking the dishwasher soap away from him and putting it back in the cupboard. It is these moments that remind me to never lose patience.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tyler is walking!

He finally trusts himself that he can walk. He has been taking more and more steps everyday and as of Sunday I would say he is walking. He still crawls sometimes but he thinks he is so cool that he can walk. He just walks aroung with a BIG smile on his face. He has to pull himself up on something because he can't stand on his own but I see him pulling up to stand and then walking a while to something he can use to help he turn around and then back to where he started. He will go in circles for minutes at a time. He thinks he is great!

We had our blind friend over for dinner on Sunday and as usual Allie and Tyler are fascinated with his guide pole. So we decided to play limbo. Allie loved it and Tyler was walking everywhere to get in on any action he could. I was impressed with how Allie picked it up. The first few times she start out tipping her head back and then lean forward as soon as she saw the pole. We have tried playing again and she can only bend her neck, we are trying to get her to bend her back as well to see if she can go a little lower. It is fun to teach y our kids the games you have played a million times, enough to where you are almost bored with them and to have them get so excited about it. I have forgotten about so many games too. I need go to an elementary school recess or something.

Monday, March 3, 2008

My many names.....

So I have many names besides just mom. Allie is constantly re-naming me. I am Annie(Little Einsteins), Goofy(mickey mouse club house), Ruby(Ruby and Max), Quido(cars), Pat(Handy Manny), Mr. Barkerville(Pound Puppies Book), Pooh(Tiger and Pooh) and I think the last and most recent is Jaguar(go Diego). It is really quite funny when she gets into her roles because she won't even answer to Allie. And she will only call me by whoever I am. Embarressing that she has seen this many shows but at least she is acting them out instead of watching them. Our stoller is her new "Rocketship". She will sit in it for a good amount of time pretending like she is on a mission. She is always Leo. The Pound Puppies names are funny because Brandon and I are both Barkerville and he is the most serious in the club. Allie is of course Cooler, his name explains all. And Tyler is Scrounger, pretty fitting. So I wonder when she chooses who we are if she is really thinking about it. She is consistent with who I am depending on the series. I only change roles occasionally. And along these lines she was telling me something the other day and I could not understand what she was trying to tell me. Brandon was home and so I told her to tell him to see of he could understand. He finally guessed it and she had been trying to tell me that I was Quido(luigi's pit guy in Cars). When Brandon finally guessed it she looked and me and said "ya, mom that what I talkin bout!" We could not help but laugh.