Saturday, February 27, 2010

Appendicitis it is!

Well I am feeling about like the worst mom in the world right now. Tyler's appendix ruptured and he had surgery last night at about 11:30pm. I was just certain everything was fine. And I was dead wrong. He has done amazing with the exception of a few times the nurses have had to stick him twice because they didn't get it on the first try. His cry has changed and it is starting to make me sad. It is not the scream anymore but just the calm "mom, please don't let them do this anymore." He has started to lose his little voice. Surgery went really well and the surgeon feels like he was able to get everything out that was infectious. So he is already drinking clear liquids and keeping them down. Good signs! Hopefully we will be out of here in no time for Tyler's sake. I have been telling him since Tuesday that I was just taking him to get fixed. And now here we are Saturday still being poked and getting "fixed". Thanks for all you thoughts and prayers.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Appendicitis or not?

Well Tyler was throwing up on Monday morning and then was running a fever and then last night started complaining of his tummy hurting. He would really let us touch him or move him. After almost no sleep last night we decided to take him in to the doctor first thing in the morning. He was screaming so hysterically that he was all better when we got there and all the nurses thought he was screaming in pain that they rushed us off to the ER. So I spent the morning in the ER with him. From touching him he seemed to be more sensitive on the right side then any other place and all his other symptoms were pointing toward that. The nurses and doctor were so accommodating to me and my wants for Tyler. It was great! I think my best medical experience yet. I am a little anti doctors because I never have good experiences with them. Anyway, they got an ultra sound tech to come so that they would not HAVE to do a ct scan. Which would have been A LOT more traumatic for an already worked up little boy. They had drawn his blood and his blood count came back regular and so they went ahead with just an ultra sound. They are not as clear with appendicitis but wanted to try the easiest first. The tech thought for sure that the appendix was enlarged and we contacted two surgeons. Both said because of the count they would not rely on the ultra sound. One wanted to keep us overnight hooked to an IV(NOT gonna happen!) and luckily the doctor knew that Tyler had been asking when he could leave since we got there and talked to the surgeon about us just going home and coming back. Thank you for her. That would have been miserable!!! So we are home and Tyler is just laying on the couch, still complaining of stomach pain at times but I am hoping he is bright and chipper in the morning so that we don't even have to do the blood draw.

After we were home he said, "mom, thanks for taking me to the doctor." This is after I held him down while the squeezed his finger for 10min trying to get his blood. What a sweetheart! Here is a pic of the babe.