Sunday, October 26, 2008

September Birthdays!!

I know that this is so late but I was waiting to get a picture from Brandon's mom before I posted. Hopefully you will appreciate the wait. This was a much requested cake at Brandon's house growing up. Allie and Tyler had a great time making it for him. Here he is enjoying the same cake 24 years later.

He said that he loved the taste of the m&m's on his cake just as much as he did "back then." We had a lot of plans fall through, as usual. Poor Brandon's birthday is always the week after school starts and that is ALWAYS so CRAZY for us. Anyway, he did not even have any presents to open and after many attempts to find a baby-sitter I gave and ordered take-out from Texas Roadhouse. One of his favorites. That ended up being a lot more fun anyway to celebrate with Allie and Tyler. Also, Allie was so excited to bring her Dad "a mi-steak!" She was not confused when we first bought it but by the time we made it home and gave it to him it was no longer called a "steak," it was a "mi-steak." To this day(even though we have reminded her of the real name), she loves mi-steak just like her dad.