Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tyler's Horse

I have been meaning to post more pictures but my blog has too many and i am not allowed any more. So now I have to go through and delete which is making me not really want to post at all.

Anyway, I am sitting at the computer and Tyler just came over telling me that his horse is drinking milk from his body. He has his horse underneath his shirt. haha So I thought I would start a post. Earlier I was going to take a picture of him and this horse because he has been attatched to it all day. He started out just riding it around. Also, I forgot to mention that it is a little stuffed horse that is about 8inches big. So he squeezes it between his legs and tries to run. Then he started having a "rodeo" with himself and kept getting bucked off his horse. And just before he started feeding his horse he was running around with a piece of paper(that was his flag) in his hand while riding his horse around the "arena"

We LOVE rodeos!!