Saturday, June 14, 2008

Royal Gorge Route Railroad

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The goats at the petting zoo!

These pictures had to have their own collage because they were so fun. Tyler and Allie could not get enough of the goats. I think we were in there for a good half an hour. Allie is the best. Look at her bending over in all the goats faces.
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The Royal Gorge Bridge

This is the largest free standing bridge in the country. You can walk across and they even let you drive across. We were on the bridge walking when people were driving and it feels pretty shakey. You can also feel the bridge moving when the wind blows. This is at the bottom by the Arkansas River that is in the gorge. They have an incline car that you ride down the side of the cliff.

Tyler and me at the bottom of the incline tracks. We had to cut off the very top to get us in the picture.

View from tram on your way down. You can barely see the river.

We got WAY more that we expected! We went on the 31st because I had read in a magazine early that week that it was 1/2price to Freemont County residents in May. We both got in for $23 and the kids were free. That is what is nice about living somewhere for only a summer. You feel like you have to take advantage of it while you live there. It makes you a little more willing to spend money. Anyway, we thought that you just got to see the bridge. We knew there were other attractions but did not know until we got there that they were all included in the ticket. Allie looked at Brandon and I at one point and said, "I am having fun guys!" And we did. We rode a carousel, visited their petting zoo, rode burros, rode the incline car, rode the ariel tram across the canyon and ate a very yummy funnel cake. Those things are SOOOO good!

The ariel tram.

Brandon, Allie and Tyler on the bridge by the AZ flag. They have all the states represented.

Allie on Priscilla. Sorry about how far away the picture is. I was with Tyler.
Tyler on Nellie. He loved the ride.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fish for dinner!(at least for Allie)

Allie caught her first fish ever and thought it was SO great! I was grateful because she has been begging to go fishing since we drove into CO. It took a while to get a license and time to go. I was sick the first weekend we were here so then we had to wait a week. Anyway, by the time we went I don't think she believed us that we were really going to go. I am glad she caught something because for those of you that have been fishing you know how it is to WAIT. Unless you are with people you really like, fishing can be pretty boring. (sorry to those that disagree)

Allie was fun to watch during all the action. She was a little bit nervous while the fish was flopping everywhere but cracking up every time it jumped from Brandon's hands. Once Brandon got the hook out she watched him gut the fish just fascinated by it all. Brandon was acting like the fish was talking to her so she talked to the fish the rest of the evening. While the fish waited on the stringer she just sat there saying, "hello, fish. are you swimming?" just rambling on and on about nothing. Then as we were leaving Brandon was carrying the fish and she says, "hey fish, we are going to eat you." Not one bit bothered by that. Then when we got home he cut the head off and Allie was right up there trying to see what he was doing. After the head was off she looks and it and says, "hello, mr head." We basically just laughed the whole night long at everything she had to say. She was quite proud of herself telling people that only she caught a fish and not dad. It was all really fun.

Tyler was just as in to it. He was right there by Brandon's side the whole time. Staying as close as possible. He didn't really care about the pole before until he realized what it was for then he WOULDN'T put it down. He was kicking and screaming when I had to take it so we could leave. At least Brandon will have some fishing buddies. He just needs to teach them how to fly fish. I would even do that it looks like much more fun.

Allie was even willing to eat her fish that she caught. Not me!! She didn't have a pleased look on her face when she took her first bite but she said she liked it and if you ask her today she still says she likes fish. She only took a few bites and then started playing with the little bones.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Photo Journal

Well, I have not come up with a creative way of doing my photo journal and now I have days and days of pictures so I have just decided to do a photo journal blog. I will put a link to the side. Enjoy! I have had a lot of fun taking these pictures. I have missed a couple of days but it is fun to try and think of a picture that will most describe your day.

Albuquerque Zoo and Aquarium

Allie walking in the doors to the Aquarium. I love that face! The aquarium was so neat, I have never been to one before. You almost feel like you are swimming with the fish.

Tyler trying to climb in with the zebras.

Allie and I with the Polar Bear.

Allie chose this shirt to wear because it has orange stripes like a tiger. So we had to take a picture with the tiger, only it was in the farthest corner of the cage and so you can barely see it.

I kept trying to get a good picture of this giant floor to ceiling tank but it was the end of the day and Allie was done taking pictures. Tyler wouldn't even go near it because of the big fish. So this about the best picture we got with the shark swimming away.

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Ft Thomas

Well it is time to play catch up. We have been doing so many things that there it a lot to catch up on. We went to Ft Thomas the weekend before we left to see Brandon's family. There is something funny about Ft Thomas that just attracts kids and they NEVER want to sleep, eat or leave. They LOVE this place! Allie and Tyler played around the clock as long as we would let them. The second they woke up in the morning they were at the door begging for us to say, "yes, you can go outside." They really enjoyed themselves!

Allie playing in the mud puddle they created from dumping the dogs water.

Allie and Tyler riding Cheyenne. This is Allie's first time riding with a smile on her face and Tyler's first ride ever. Brandon said Tyler LOVED it and was laughing the whole time.

Kenton and Darion using the hand cart to carry away branches that grandpa cut from the tree.

Allie was SOOO excited for "bbq" that she sat and waited for it to be all done while helping grandpa with the spices. When we sat down to eat dinner she wanted a hot dog and "bbq". haha I don't think she even knew what bbq was.

Tyler enjoying the mud puddle with his motorcycle.

Allie and Talon washing off! That took a while!

Yawning while shoveling, yet still not willing to go inside and lay down.

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