Monday, March 1, 2010

A wagon ride!

So things have not been all smiles the way it shows in the last pic but we are doing really good. We forced him on a wagon ride outside the hospital so he could remember what real life is like and get him some motivation to get up and moving. He did pretty good. He kept trying to lay down in the wagon as we were trying to make him sit up. He was a trooper! I accidentally took a really long way, we kept running into stairs and ended up walking half way around the hospital to find a ramp. LOL

So Brandon did a little tractor digging dance around the hospital and that is the first smile I have seen since I got back on Sunday afternoon. I went back to Meeker to get Allie and Trent and then my mom and dad came to grand junction to see Tyler and to pick them up. So they went back to Cedar and we will go get them this weekend.