Friday, May 30, 2008

no internet!

we are and the companies are slow on internet so we are going to finally get it on the 5th of June. YEAH! It is amazing how you get hooked to something so easy. Anyway we will post then. We are still doing good!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Made it!

We made it to Colorado but we are just using a internet connection at the park so I will write more later.

Monday, May 12, 2008


We are all so excited finals are over! YEAH!!! That was a pretty rough two weeks around our house. I think we saw Brandon for maybe an hour or two each day and even then we had to meet him on campus some of those days just so we could see him. All his hard work paid off. He is getting 4 A's and 1 B. The B he is happy but disappointed with because of some group projects that other members in the group got D's on but at least it averaged out to a B and not a C. Anyway, I am going to brag about him for a mintue because I am proud of all his hard work and determination to do well. He had a few graduating classmates tell him that the a some of the courses he was enrolled in this semester were extremely hard and to just be grateful if you even get a C in them. That was at the beginning of the semester and he of course was worried that that would really be the case. One of them he finished with a 98.3 in the class. I don't know the other numbers from the other classes but they were all A's. I guess it is good that they stressed him out in the beginning because he expected to have to work really hard. He has always been this worried about school. When he was 4 he remembers his friend talking about his preschool and he went to his mom all stressed that she had forgotten to sign him up and his friend was learning all these things and now he was going to be behind because he had been missing out on all these days he was supposed to be at school. Really funny! I wish I cared that much about school. All of our kids need to get his feelings about school not mine.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day!

It is almost the end and what a GREAT day!! I got to start out with breakfast in bed. I only share this because the whole thing is quite comical. Allie came and joined us some time in the night and when Tyler decided at 5am that he was not sleeping in his bed anymore I decided I was not sharing my queen size bed with two kids and Brandon. I made Allie go back to her bed and then hoped Tyler would just snuggle up, go back to sleep and be moved out of the way so I could sleep next to Brandon again. Tyler had another plan. He would not settle down and Brandon finally got up with him to feed him some cereal, thinking hunger was maybe his problem. We were all back in bed around 6am and I was thinking, why is it already getting light outside? Brandon has just finished finals and we were looking forward to our first day of "sleeping in" So Tyler never did calm down and Allie eventually joined us again. Basically we had all been up since 5am and just tried to pretend like it wasn't really happening. Brandon had already planned a breakfast in bed for me with Allie so I stayed in bed, although Tyler still wanted to stay with me. As you can imagine I should have just gotten up. They brought me stuffed french toast(SOOOOOO good!!) and of course as soon as I took a bite Allie and Tyler were right by my side saying, "I want some, I want some, I want some!" Brandon was pretty frustrated with how the whole thing worked out and I just had to laugh and say this is a TRUE Mother's Day. And then I told him how I usually wait to eat lunch until after I put them to bed for a nap because I do enjoy eating a meal that is warm and that I am not sharing at least once a day. All in alll I loved every second of it, except maybe Tyler's early wake up call.

Allie had a few things from nursury to give me after church and she was SO excited and proud. This past week I kept telling her that we were going to the store to get a present for our grandmas for mother's day and she would tell me every time, "Not a present for them, a present for you! You da MOM!" It was very cute. She won't even be the "mom" to her dolls because I am the mom.

The last thing I wanted to share is that I LOVED our sacrament meeting today. The talks were such great reminders to me of how important it is to be a mom. And even better how awesome it is to be a mom. I sat there feeling extremely grateful for the blessing of motherhood. I find SO much joy in my everyday life and responsibilities(except maybe whining about the dishes occasionally). I live in an apartment complex with mostly single moms. I often see them gearing up to drop their kids at day care and go off to work. While I am loading up to go to story time at the library, or play group at the park, or the children's museum at the mall, or to a friends house to play. I am SO blessed and very grateful for my kids and ALL the time I get to spend with them and that I don't have to go to work. I really do enjoy being a mom and have renewed energy(which I need sometimes as a mom) to be a better mom and do more for my kids and be a better example. I will look forward to this day not because I am showered with gifts and given a "day off" but because I will be reminded of all the reason I should be grateful that I even get to be a mom. I love you all mother dears and hope that you enjoyed your day! I am sure I have learned something from each of you that has helped me to be a better mom.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Photo Journal

I am copying this from a friends blog and think that whom ever wants to should join in. It seems like I take pictures fairly often but the more I think about it they are always of events. It will be fun to journal life as is and not just the big things we do. Although, for those that join in we have even less days than she says because she posted this a few days ago. Let's get started.

I’ve been inspired by other bloggers who have issued themselves (and others) the challenge of capturing a minimum of one photo each day to visually “journal” 2008. For most of them it’s referred to as Project 365 but since I’m late to the game, I have only 245 days left this year to account for ,thus Project 245. (That’s according to an online source, I would have no idea how many days remain otherwise!)
So to all you fellow bloggers out there, are you up for the challenge? It doesn’t have to be a photo of anything exceptional. Just capture life as it is that day…. messy, wonderful, exciting or mundane. The reward will be certainly be reviewing and remembering each day years from now.

I haven't decided how I am going to journal them but she started a seperate blog for the "photo project" I think that is a good idea and might copy that as well.

Have fun with it! I know my life is pretty crazy at times.