Monday, June 29, 2009

More house pictures

The kids room and hallway before

the kids room and closet and hall. you can barely see the stairs in the bottom left.

the kids room taken from the stairs

Before the paint and the old wall of built in shelving

New green paint. I am running out of places to store things. You will notice Brandons tool shelf is the rocking chair. And my clothes are hanging on the outside of the closet because the closet has too many things in it to use the closet hanger.

Kitchen before

Kitchen after. Never mind the mess. That is one of the reasons it has taken me so long to post because i never have a clean kitchen. It usually gets cleaned right before I dirty it. So here is my new dirty kitchen. Sort of. We still are painting the cupboards and a new backsplash and more.

We bought a house!

This is old news to a lot of you but there might still be some of you that don't know. We bought a fixer-upper. We are all living in the upstairs(678sf) while we finish the downstairs. We have 4 beds and 4 dressers in the one room upstairs. It is really exciting and lots of work. We are so grateful for all of the Lord's guidance in getting this house. It was a lot of work to get this house bought. We started before we left to OK and thought we were going to move in right when we got back. We ran into every single problem you could think of. And probably some you didn't even know about. I saw this house for sale when we first got here and wanted nothing to do with it. You could not even see the yard, it was full of junk! Besides that even if the junk was all gone it was still the UGLIEST house. I said to Brandon, "I don't care how cheap that house is, I already know I do not want to buy it." hahaha So when I felt good about making an offer on the house I knew everything was going to work out. It just took a couple of months and a lot of emotional days of "yes, you can get the house", "no, you can't get the house." Anyway, I don't know if that even all makes sense but we are so busy working on the house and having such fun working together on projects. It is great hang out time with Brandon(since we rarely go on dates). So here are some pictures of our progress thus far.

The house entrance is up the porch stairs and then you would walk right into the fridge when you opened the door. The door actually didn't open all the way. So we moved our front door to downstairs. The kitchen, living room, one bedroom and bathroom are upstairs. There was one room downstairs and a bathroom. The laundry area was out in what used to be a garage and the rest was open space.

Front of the house before

Front of the house after we took out the shed

New font door and windows. This isn't the best picture but the only one I have.

This is the doorway to the old bathroom. It has two stairs to enter it because they added it after the house was built and there was not any plumbing for it. Really wierd!!

Tearing out DS bedroom closet to make a new bathroom door.

After the closet was gone. To the right of the picture you can barely see where the old stairs and door were.

New bathroom door

You can see the edge of the new bathroom door and also where new sheetrock is hung where the old bathroom door was. And this is the new entry hall. The first door to the right(you can just see the hinges) is the kids room and the next door on the right is our new room.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Saturday, June 27, 2009

dog poop

Tyler has become quite the handy man with all this construction going on around here. He has really taken a liking to tools. He was constantly asking for Brandon's hammer. If the answer was no he would cry for the next 45min. He would not give up. So we went to Sutherlands to pick up some things for the house and they had little 3oz hammers on their dollar isle. So we got one for Allie and one for Tyler. We were getting ready to do some demo on the house and so I told Allie and Tyler to go find their hammers to helps us. They each came back with a hammer. Allie showed us hers and then says, "but look at Tyler's his is brown."(it had been left out in the rain) Then Tyler says, "A dog pooped on it." Don't know where he came up with that idea.