Thursday, January 24, 2008

Our Moments..

I know that I have already posted a lot today but I am still trying to play catch up from being gone for a few weeks. I know I still have not posted any from disneyland and I am working on putting that in a slide show because there are a lot of pictures. Anyway, these are some pictures that I thought were fun. Allie is trying SO hard to get her ma- net(magnet) from under the fridge. I told her she would need something little to fit under the fridge to sweep it out. She came up with her toy butter knife.

These are hilarious. I cannot explain Tyler's frustration as he was trying to crawl around with this magna-doodle. He would NOT let go of the pen that is attatched to it. I did not get a good picture of his face because he kept looking back to see why it was not coming. He tried it a couple more times after that but lately he has given up on it. You can barely see his mad squinted eyes.

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Christmas Break Projects

We actually got most of our Christmas break projects done this year. Since during school we hardly see eachother there is noway we can think of doing projects. Anyway, we finished Allie's kitchen that we gave her for Christmas, that was unfinished and we made one of the two toy boxes we cut out. I should say mostly Brandon, Allie and I helped paint.

I had to put this one on here because of her tongue. I love it! We copied this toy box from a magazine because when I saw it I thought that is the ideal toy box.

We were given this old over the toilet cupboard and I did not know what to do with it but I did not want to throw it away. So this is what we came up with. We took our before picture a little late but you can pretty much tell what it looked like before.

Our Week!

This has pretty much been our last week and a half. I have never had sick kids and I am grateful that I haven't. That was a long week. Tyler started it off by throwing up about two weeks ago. Luckily it was only two days and I was always able to see it coming, which made clean up easy. He was feeling great by Sunday and then Allie started fevering Monday night. Her fever was over 103 under her arm. It would come down when I gave her medicine but it would shoot right back up as soon as the medicine wore off. The doctors office told me to let her fever for two days on Tylenol and Motrin and then bring her in Thursday if she is still fevering. The doctors offices are SO busy here, you can never get in. We ended up in the ER Wednesday night because she was having a hard time breathing and her heart was beating really fast. That was the only thing open and sure enough we were there for 4 hours. We were all alseep when they finally told us we could go home. We left with early stages of pneumonia and ear infections. Friday was the first day she didn't fever and then she fevered that night and Saturday was the first day without any fevers. She laid on the couch the whole week and watched cars over and over. I am SO thankful that is over. At least it was Allie and not Tyler because for the two days Tyler was sick I could do nothing but hold him. Allie is a lot less of a complainer. She just took care of herself. She still says her ears have never hurt. She is a tough little girl.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Marriage is what brings us together today...

Helaman and Majia's wedding was very fun! They were sealed in the same room as Brandon and I.


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I knew that it was eventually going to happen it was just a matter of when. She watches me cut her hair and Tyler's hair and her dads hair. Well Brandon and I were ignoring her(in her mind) one night and she came out with scizzors saying"cut hair mom, cut hair." She had her head hung to an angle and the scizzors going into her hair above her ear. I grabbed them and said "only Mom cuts hair." She just stands there and looks at me. Then a few minutes later I realize there is a piece that is hanging longer than the rest. So I started running my fingers through it and she had already cut! Oh well!
I guess I got lucky though, the only way you can tell is if I put gel on it to make it stick out. Somehow she only cut the underneath hairs.


Does Brandon look as young as Bryson?

So Brandon's goal in life is for people to think he is as old as he is. At least once a week someone tells him, now way you can't be 25 or what you have two kids. He does not like looking like a teenager. He keeps thinking he needs to change the way he dresses but the other day he went out with the Elders in his church clothes and was telling some inactive members they were visiting that he had been in Disneyland the previous week. They just stared at him really confused and so he started thinking he said something backwards. The Elders caught on and said "oh he is not a missionary, he is a member if the ward and he has two kids." They were shocked! Then one of the Elders agreed with them saying that the first Sunday Brandon stood up to teach Elders Quorum he thought they were having a priest teach Elders Quorum. But the best one is later on that week on the playground in our complex we were playing frisbee and Allie and Tyler were hanging out on the grass by us. There were two 8 or 9 yr olds playing soccer next to us and Brandon overheard them discussing whether or not we were the kids parents. They eventually asked us and they said "no way, you don't look like a mom and dad! Especially not him, he looks like a teenager!" We got a good laugh out of that one, at least I did. I guess he is never going to look old enough.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


We had been talking to Allie about the snow for so long we were SO excited that it snowed while we were in Utah. Allie thought it was pretty neat! She never really wanted to come in from playing in it.

Getting all dressed up!

Snow Angels!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Hello Everyone, I know I am a little late posting Christmas but I have been trying to post the video of Allie telling the Christmas story. So every time I sit down to post I think this time it will work and for whatever reason the video will not post. I have tried many different ways. Oh well! We celebrated Christmas early since we were headed to Utah for Helaman's wedding. It was fun! We had quite the time keeping Allie in the playroom while we set everything up. She kept trying to come out and peek at her surprise.
We made Allie a Kitchen out of an old bathroom shelf but because we left to Utah earlier than we had planned doesn't have all the details yet. When we finish it I will post a before and after picture. She has been waiting for one of these strollers for SO long. Thanks, Grandma Sanders! Tyler really could have cared less about any of it. Allie kept taking over everything so he really didn't have the chance to get in on it. He got a dump truck and LOVES it! He is totally all about the boy stuff. He pushes it around and makes noise already. He is lots of fun and going to be lots of trouble. He just smiles when he knows he is going to do somthing he is not supposed to. Anyway, that has nothing to do with Christmas.